All enterprises need to be innovative to survive and as a range of mega trends start to more strongly impact industry and markets there is a major force for innovation to advance industry, technology, and products

Strategiize has been designed to help teams respond to this diverse challenge by providing an effective way to enable them to work together to develop and deliver commercially successful outcomes. Try it with your team today to learn how.

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How will it help us?

  • partnership
    Get ahead of the competition
    by fast-tracking your innovation opportunities using a proven framework
  • Lead innovation in your industry
    by making it easy for your partners to share ideas and collaborate with you
  • keep informed
    Make informed decisions faster
    with the help of reports and visualizations using real commercial metrics
  • keep informed
    Bridge the gap
    between your technical and business team, innovations and the market opportunity
  • keep informed
    Focus and develop innovative thinking
    within your teams to help you achieve your organizational goals
keep informed
Focus and develop innovative thinking
within your teams to help you achieve your organisational goals

How does it work?

To help you understand how Strategiize can work for you, we've provided a few examples:

  • Manage your innovation projects

    Whether you would like more structure behind your portfolio or simply want to get more visibility for better communication and executive support across the enterprise, Strategiize can help you.

  • Build Innovation Partnerships

    Strategiize provides a powerful model to truly become an innovation leader. Create innovation partnerships that work by providing an innovation collaboration platform to capture ideas for key challenges, new opportunities and develop solutions.

  • Create New Growth

    Converting ideas and innovations into new commercial growth opportunities for the enterprise requires a deliberate focus and most of all an effective innovation management support platform. Strategiize gives innovation projects the best chance to grow, and to overcome the barriers and challenge of effective collaboration across disciplines, divisions and with partners.

  • Make Innovation Commercial

    Innovation can deliver many benefits, from small improvements to tomorrow's revenue streams that sustain growth. Successful commercial innovations can be assessed and strategically developed using known attributes proven to indicate commercial viability. Strategiize strengthens the commercial capabilities of people by using a best practice evidence based project evaluation approach.

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What does it look like?

Here are some of the features that will make your innovation management and collaborations more efficient:

screenshot showing essential areas of project- score, project team and contacts, shared with networks, progress notes, and project details.
screenshot of part of a report generated by Strategiize about a set of projects
screenshot of a public project widget you can insert into your own website to have a live view of your projects on strategiize from outside the system.