From seatbelts to pacemakers, universities are often at the heart of the solution to major challenges and breakthrough innovations. Strategiize was built by an organization whose core business is to lead the commercialization of new technology and innovation emerging from university research. We understand what it takes; the culture, the systems, the people and results - both strategic and commercial. The Strategiize platform has been used to successfully assess, manage and implement hundreds of innovation projects to date.

Try it for yourself today and learn how it can accelerate and increase the commercial success of innovation in your organization.

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How will it help us?

  • allocate
    Allocate resources efficiently
    to your most viable opportunities using consistent assessment and tracking methods
  • leader
    Become a leader in innovation
    by making it easy for you partners to share problems and collaborate with you
  • keep informed
    Make informed decisions faster
    with the help of reports and visualizations using real commercial metrics
  • preferred
    Become the preferred university
    for research in your region and address real industry challenges
  • momentum
    Never lose momentum
    through the changing conditions, budgets and policies
Never lose momentum
through the changing conditions, budgets and policies

How does it work?

To help you understand how Strategiize can work for you, we've provided a few examples:

  • Manage your innovation projects

    Whether you would like structure behind your portfolio or simply want to get more visibility for better communication across the university, Strategiize can help you.

  • Partner with Industry

    Strategiize provides a powerful model to truly become an innovation leader. Partner with industry and become their go-to innovation solutions provider. Co-create solutions to problems your partners are facing first-hand.

  • Collaborate with other universities

    Strengthen the commercialisation and innovation profile of your city, or run a funded partnership with an international university. Present your projects jointly to government or industry.

  • Research your partners' problems

    Bring research projects to your university and solve real community problems. Make it easy to share and track ideas, and build long term relationships.

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What does it look like?

Here are some of the features that will make your innovation management and collaborations more efficient:

screenshot showing essential areas of project- score, project team and contacts, shared with networks, progress notes, and project details.
screenshot showing a submitted disclosure detailing a researchers idea to be made into a commercial project
screenshot of part of a report generated by Strategiize about a set of projects
screenshot of a public project widget you can insert into your own website to have a live view of your projects on strategiize from outside the system.